FAQ Continued: More Common Questions About E-Readers

For those who are still on the fence about an e-reader, here’s a look at even more common questions asked about the most popular models currently on the market. Be sure to browse these questions and answers before making a buying decision!

What is E-Ink Technology?

E-ink has been designed specifically to resemble the printed page of a paperback book, reducing eye strain while reading for a long period of time. This stands in stark contrast to traditional computer screens, which flicker millions of times per second and cause pretty bad headaches after reading for even an hour.

Are There Any Downsides to Color E-Readers:

Many color models actually don’t have e-ink as an option, which means they resemble a more traditional tablet in terms of usage. They also create pretty bad headaches for those vulnerable to eye strain, since there is no paper-like nature to the screen.

Should I Choose a 3G or Wi-Fi Model?

Wi-Fi connections will almost always be the more affordable way for e-readers to connect, unless the 3G connection is offered for free as it is with many of the entry-level Kindle devices. If the device won’t be used on the road, choose a Wi-Fi model for its savings on monthly bills and upfront cost.

Can I Download Any Apps?

On the Kindle Fire and similar, all-color devices, yes. On older Kindle devices and those with e-ink screens, Android is not used as an operating system and applications are not available.

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